Reaching Out Internationally

Because we have been in business for so long, we have gotten really good at what we do. We have been serving as international interior designers in Midipyrenees for over 20 years. Throughout this time we have honed our skills and helped thousands of people. Two years ago we decided that we needed to take it to another level. We wanted to think globally instead of just locally. We began an initiative to expand our business throughout the world so that we would  reside in several different countries. Our primary interest was growing our business in the United States. In order to do this we recognized the need to connect with different painting companies within the US. Our thought process behind this was to connect with people who have access to people within their homes. Painters are regularly contacted by homeowners. Thus, we have begun partnering with different painting companies seeking to expand our business. This has done wonders for our company because this is not the general direction most interior designers model their business practice. However, we have found that this is a successful model to follow.

Through an extensive search, we contact specific successful painting companies in large demographics. We analyze their business revenue, reviews, business plan and personalities. Following this, we approach the companies seeking to develop a partnership with them. We offer to them color consultation as well as furnishing accessories. We have found that these two features set apart these painting companies because most of them simply aren’t qualified to help in these areas. Here is some social links from our website of our company that we work with to better help their clients.

We are continuing to expand our focus to other countries. However, we are mainly focused on the United States at this moment. We have found that people have lots of money to spend on furnishings and accessories for their home. We happen to fit what they are looking for because we bring a different European feel to our designs.