Why we connect with painting companies?

We get this question a lot. Why do we work directly with painting companies? What our experience has led us to believe is that we bring a valuable asset to painting companies.

For instance, take your average painting company with Joe painter as the owner. He is owner who is very successful at painting. He has grown his business. He is an expert in painting as well as hiring clients and generating leads for his company. However, often times you will find that these painters are not trained with the ability to help their clients with paint color consultation. Normally, they will have to send their clients to the local paint store. Their clients have to work through the hassle of getting color pads to see what would work best. Yet, because the painters lack this experience it can create a very frustrating experience for the client. The client has no one to walk them through the experience.

We provide the experience that they need. As we partner with these painting companies all across the world, we provide them with the knowledge to help their customers. We have found that their clients are extremely happy and secure in their decision by having an experienced painting consultant to walk with them throughout the process.

Here is how it works: After the painting company has set up a proposal with the homeowner, our company comes in to help them think through their painting strategy. We will spend an hour to two hours with the client asking them questions. We explain the purpose of color and how it affects mood and the need to know the feelings of color that give way to people in certain rooms. We have found that people don’t normally think through these type of things. This is why we are happy to offer this solution to painting companies for their clients.

We have a long list of painting companies that we are connected with in the US and other countries as well. Please feel free to contact us for more information.