Don’t too hasty in buying souvenirs in the Holy Land

The Hajj Jamaat in Saudi Arabia is best known for shopping. Just arrived in Saudi Arabia has a lot of shopping for souvenirs, including carpets. Should not spend first for items that are not necessary because the main worship of the Hajj pilgrimage is still not implemented. Especially for the first wave of pilgrims, who directly to Madinah to perform the prayers Arbain, it’s because Wukuf in Arafat as the peak of Hajj is still long about 20-25 days. Meanwhile, you can go to and find the good deals for hajj and umrah.

Thrifty is very necessary, this is just in case if on the day of the Haj pilgrimage we fell ill, they must be taken to the Arafa Field for Wukuf with ambulance that would require extra costs, or when doing Sai, if we are less or not healthy, we must be carried by using a stretcher, which requires a lot of money. There is no Hajj without Wukuf at Arafat.

When the Hajj has finished all and just waiting for time to go home, maybe if we want to shop for souvenirs. Even that is not heavy and large, because it will increase the cost, due to excess weight innate. Maximum allowable baggage allowance at no additional charge is 30 kg.