Our Latest Painting Consulting Project

Just recently we decided to take on a huge consultation project. It was one of our bigger projects to date. One company who is very focused on creating its own unique company atmosphere, contacted us to see how we could create a vibrate mood for their employees. We spent many hours processing and listening to their needs. They wanted a color coordination scheme that would produce energy and thoughtfulness in one wing. They wanted a color coordination scheme that produce rest and relaxing for their workers while taking a break. They wanted a business color scheme in their board room that would create confidence and movement forward. It was an exciting project in which we believe we nailed it. It was fun to think through all of the different ways that we could bring in color and accessories to give them exactly what they wanted. We would personally like to thank the company for taking a risk to allow us the opportunity to use our creativity. It was an extremely fun project. You can check out our list of social portfolios for this project. We continue to be excited about the direction of our company. Each week get countless referrals. The difficulty now is decided which of the referrals in which we believe will be a fun project.