Maximizing the SEO templates

Templates are the most important thing you should look at before thinking about ‘SEO Articles’ because as good or seo as any of your articles but the templates you use are less SEO then it will be difficult for you to reach page one of Google. In the meantime, if you want to increase your website’s SEO rank, just visit and hire the experts of SEO in NYC.

Not meant to be knowledgeable, but I’ve read that SEO Friendly Templates are templates that have elements:

Dynamic Heading Tag

SEO templates are templates that use Dynamic Heading Tag, meaning that template is able to adjust the heading in place, eg when you are in the article then the title of the article will change to H1, while if you are on the HomePage (main page) then the title of the article should be able to change to H2. This is called the SEO Friendly Dynamic Heading Tag Template.

Title Tag

Title Tags are titles in the Tabs section, and this is what will be used by Google or other search engines to display in SER as a title (above the description). I think Title Tag SEO Friendly is the one that has the format “Article Title – Blog Title” or “Article Title”.