Utilizing other websites for advertising

If you have a lot of budget for advertising you can easily contact websites that have lots of visitors to buy ad space of a certain size. Generally the larger the size of the ad space you are interested in, the higher the rental price. The more strategic the location of the ads the more expensive the price. Make sure your website visitors match your target market when you want to pasang iklan.

In addition to the rental system for a certain period of time, you can also use a click system where you are only required to pay for the number of visitors coming from your ad. Both systems have their respective deficiencies and advantages, your stay should be experimenting. Actually there are many forms of advertising that we can display on websites that have many visitors potential, but currently the famous image ads and text ads.

In addition, there are hundreds of free local classified ads that we can fit our ads. If you have a lot of time you can advertise in all web classified ads that exist, but if the time is limited you select only which is the most famous and visited by many regional internet users. Usually, there is a period of time the ads will be automatically deleted, so it must regularly re-install or extend the active period of our online advertising on the free classifieds website.