Think about these when you’re hiring a hosting service

Do not let your website down in the middle of the month because the bandwidth provided in your hosting is very limited. Note the number of available bandwidth or other solutions you can choose web hosting that provides unlimited bandwidth (UNMETERED) with a very cheap price. So you do not need to bother thinking about the bandwidth that quickly runs out. Meanwhile, if you want to get a discount for web hosting services, just visit and you might get one for yourself.

Space Hosting

Vain if your hosting is cheap but has a very small hosting space. Your activity in managing your website will be very limited. Especially if the Space Hosting less than 1 GB, not a year your web file will meet your hosting space, so you have to upgrade or look for other hosting providers that offer larger hosting capacity.


Price is never a lie. But you also have to pay attention and compare whether the price is reasonable or not. Do not get stuck on a cheap hosting provider but its credibility is not clear. Or expensive hosting but server specifications and services are not worth the price.