Clean Air Conditioner After These Two Conditions Occur

Air conditioner certainly you need to make the air in the room to be cool. However, the air conditioner you have must always be cleaned so as not to dirty and can produce good air. In case of cleaning air conditioner, you can use the services of aircon servicing singapore.

With proper cleaning and periodically, then you will get the clean air conditioner and will affect the quality of air in the house. then, when is the right time to clean the tool?

1. After renovating the house
If you are or have been renovating your house, then make sure that you also do the cleaning of the air conditioner you have. This is because the tool definitely gets a lot of dust from the rest of the renovations going on. Clean the air conditioner before the dust settles more in it.

2. After the Summer
In summer you will use conditioner water more often than usual. Therefore, you need to clean it because air conditioner certainly filters a lot of dust that will accumulate on the filter in it.