Fatal Mistakes In Creating Website

If you are learning to create a website, you can visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fyg4RKkn8Hw and learn how to create a website from scratch. In creating a website, there are some fatal mistakes that you should not do, among others:

1. Domain names that are not relevant to the theme

Domain names are also important to consider in your website. This is, of course, to see if appropriate or not the theme you have with the domain name. domain names that are not relevant to the theme created will be fatal on your own website. The choice of domain name is made in accordance with the tastes of the website owner, but it should be considered also the strategic side because between the theme and your domain name will determine the number of visitors on your website. for the domain name itself, suggested relevant to the theme we have created.

2. The content of the website results from copy paste without permission

The content of your website results from copy paste without asking permission is an action that is not commendable. Copy and paste without the permission of the results of other websites will impact on yourself or on your website and allow to be brought into the realm of law. The act is a copyright infringement that could harm the owner because his work has been stolen by you. not only the owner who feels aggrieved, precisely the most disadvantaged is yourself if you do copy and paste without permission from the owner, which of course can damage your reputation in the eyes of visitors to your website. ironically, your website will not get a strategic position in search engines like google, amazon, etc.

3. Improper hosting selection

Including a fatal mistake on a website is a mistake in choosing a hosting. This means letting your website be at a poor quality level that makes your website difficult to access. The selection of hosting should be careful with the creation of your website with good quality. Generally, most people buy something often considering in terms of price with important reasons fulfilled. In this case, choosing a hosting do not consider the cheap or not the offer is given, but consider the hosting is really good quality and services that can help the maximum website you have.