Customize the Color of the T-Shirt Which You Use According To The Skin Color

Appearance is a thing that needs to be considered because it will show your character as a person. However, choosing the right clothes and styles is also not something easy. In hyperoyalty shop by brand, you can find the right style according to the brand you want.

Usually, clothing that is often used by many people is a T-shirt. With a comfortable style and simple make the shirt into the fashion that can’t be left behind. There are several tips for choosing a shirt according to your skin color.

1. Dark skin color
Don’t afraid to wear light shirts for dark skin. You can choose white, pink, khaki, ash and baby blue. Let the color contrast with your skin color to make it look more attractive.

2. White color
You can choose a softer color, such as royal blue, burgundy, beige, brown and black. All the colors can bring a calm and interesting impression on your white skin.