Things to Do When Caring for the Belt for Men

Most of the men still often assume that a belt is a trivial accessory. In fact, a taste of men’s fashion a man can be judged by his belt. If you are able to wear the right belt, it means you already know how to look well. Do you know how the beginning of the belt can be created? In the past, belts were only used by soldiers of soldiers on the continent of Europe as a place to slip their sword gloves at the waist. However, often time, belts have now become unisex accessories used by men and women. Regardless of how many post-collections you have, make sure that you know how to care for a paski. Here are the things you can do to make sure that all your belts can still be used for months or even years later.

Remove after use

Do not hang your pants after wearing with a belt because it will make your belt quickly damaged

Do not add holes

In addition to damaging the belt, adding a hole will make your dress style look less attractive. If you want to add a hole in the belt, you should ask the seller when you try it in the store to look neater.

Dry before saving

Make sure the belt is completely dry before it is stored. This is done to prevent the occurrence of mold that can damage the skin.

Do not dry in the sun

If you really want to wash your belt, do not hang it directly in the sun. Sunlight is too hot will make the skin become rigid, shrink, and the outer layer becomes easily broken. Simply dry it with air only.

Pay attention to storage

Do not roll or stack belts in the closet. Save by hanging a belt in the closet for air circulation to be more smoothly and do not change the original shape of the leather belt.