It’s The Healthy Lifestyle That You Can Have To Increase Memory

Having a good memory is a dream of many people. With a good memory, one will be able to perform various activities smoothly and without obstacles. Many people end up taking supplements that contain nitric oxide to take good memories.

Consuming supplements is the right way, but it would be better if you compensate by having a healthy lifestyle, such as

– Good Food Consumption For Brain
Caffeine derived from black tea or green tea may help stimulate memory. The food is good for the brain is food that contains vitamins and high antioxidants such as vegetables, fruits, vegetable oils.

– Physical training
Walking or cycling for 30 minutes was able to reduce the release of stress hormones that kill brain cells. Alternatively, you can perform the aerobic exercise to increase blood supply to the brain and improve brain function.

– Sleep
If you have a physical exercise, then you also need enough sleep and quality. good sleep quality will help optimize brain function.