The many types of window blinds

Intrigued by the various designs of window curtains? Currently, windows not only serves as room ventilation only. Moreover, windows also play an important role in creating a beautiful home interior decoration. This is no other thanks to the blinds as a sweetener window. Meanwhile, you can also check out online roller blinds if you’re looking for the high-quality window blinds.

Speaking of curtains, there are quite a lot of curtains. Anything?

The first curtain model is a horizontal blind or also called horizontal curtain. As the name implies, this curtain is made of wooden slats, fabric or aluminum are arranged horizontally. The principle works, the curtain will open and close when we pull the strap that has been connected to each of the blades. This allows the amount of light and air coming into the room can be adjusted easily.

Horizontal blinds are best suited to tall windows (tall and small). The composition of the blades will create the impression of a spacious room with a height that fits.

There is a horizontal curtain, of course, there is a vertical curtain as well. In principle, the two are almost identical. The difference is, for this vertical curtain the constituent material is formed vertically and not in the form of blades, but whole cloth.

In opening and closing this curtain, you simply shift the fabric to the side. Because of this practicality, vertical blinds become the most widely used curtains.

The folding curtain is operated by pulling the straps which will then lift the base of the fabric. The result, the window was only partly open, so the charm of curtain material is still visible from the rest of the cloth hanging. You who have a small house with a window width of fewer than 1.25 meters, highly recommended beautifying the interior with this folding curtain.

The last curtain model is a roller blind. The idea of creating this curtain begins with the desire that the curtain material is always neat and clean even though the cloth is often opened and closed. The design of this curtain is equipped with a roller on top of which is formed in such a way from the arrangement of pipes.